Clay Imprints

Perfect Presents For Grandparents......

Tiny fingers, tiny toes and even precious paws – we do pet prints too!

Private bookings  – Mondays & Thursdays

Drop in day – Wednesdays between 10am and 4pm.

Relax and enjoy your exclusive experience at our homely Pottery Room in Huxley.  It’s countryside setting with ample parking makes the ideal destination to get all your precious baby keepsakes.

Make a day of it, come with friends and enjoy tea, cake and a catch up and let us create baby prints you can treasure forever.

It’s all about making memories…..

Precious Prints Offer:

  • 1 x Box Framed Double Clay Foot Print Imprint
  • 1 x Personalised Mummy Hand Print Cup
  • 1 x Personalised Daddy Hand Print Cup
  • All This For ONLY £100

Special Offers:

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Standard Prices:

  • Single Imprint £40
  • Box Framed (20x20cm) Single Imprint £60
  • Double Imprint £60
  • Box Framed (35x45cm) Double Imprint £85
  • Box Framed (45x45cm) Four Tile Time line £85

The imprints take between 4 – 6 weeks to be ready.

Personalised Gift Vouchers are available.